What about medical care – do you provide preventative medicine, treat diseases and attempt to cure illness?

Yes, through Nunaka Wellness Centers and Nunaka Neighborhood Clinics we offer all these services to our members. Members may have various health goals depending on their stage in life, their current health status or the prospect of future disease. We diligently work with our members to arrive at a systematic and medically sound way for people to achieve these goals.

Is Nunaka better than traditional primary care?

Yes, as an alternative to the costly fee-for-service, 10-minute visit medical model, Nunaka offers much more than medical care. Our members pay a monthly fee and receive coordinated comprehensive, integrated services. We are a “one-stop shop” for health and wellness needs. We provide multiple opportunities for accessing care for the convenience of our members including Nunaka Wellness Centers, Nunaka Home Health, Nunaka Neighborhood Clinics, Nunaka Online Services and Nunaka Telemedicine.

Do you take insurance?

No, we save money by eliminating the overhead associated with health insurance. We encourage our members to obtain health insurance for hospitalizations, emergency room visits and specialty care. When combined with a high-deductible health insurance policy, our service saves thousands of dollars a year in health care costs.

What is the Nunaka philosophy of medical care?

At Nunaka, we believe in the medical home model, but view our members as primarily customers, not patients. As we succeed, our members will avoid the hospital and only occasionally come to the clinic. So, most importantly, we have a holistic view of our members as people first, not patients.

Secondly, our primary relationship is not the “doctor-patient” relationship, rather it is the “member-community” relationship. Our members can get help anywhere within the Nunaka community. Although we are a physician-managed organization, we recognize how important the support and involvement of the entire community is.

Thirdly, we provide life-long comprehensive services, not just a “medical home.” Medical care may in fact, be unnecessary. So, we do not hold to the traditional “medical model” that treats “organ systems” and separates health from the social and environmental context. Rather, we hold a holistic view of health and wellness. We believe all of the influences on a person’s health are important. In short, we do not quickly treat individual problems, but together, over the long-term, we achieve life goals.

What does Nunaka mean? 

Nunaka is an Alaskan word that means “a good place to live.”

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